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WPM audit inspection at end user facility level
Do you currently box, crate, palletize your commodity in house for export?  We are the right auditing service for you.  We maintain a high level of education for your staff to avoid problems and potentially expensive errors related to the IPPC regulations. 

WPM audit inspection at production level
Are you producing pallets, boxes, crates for your clients for export?  Our audit inspection service will assist your company in maintaining the highest level of quality that your clients have come to appreciate.
Heat chamber auditing
Are you producing ISPM-15 compliant WPM in your heat chamber?  We are equipped to assist your facility in maintaining the necessary qualification and calibration of your temperature monitoring equipment.

Remarking of heat treated lumber
Are you "cutting up" larger dimension HT lumber into smaller sizes for resale?  As the program calls for, remarking the lumber is a requirement and accomplished with a "HT" mark.  Call us- we can administer the HT marking for your facility so your staff can produce this "re-manufactured" heat treated lumber to increase your sales.

Fumigation program inspections
Whether you are a registered Fumigator in the NWPCA program or you are producing WPM for fumigation we can provide inspection audit services for both.  Click here to jump to our fumigation web page or click above on the title bar.

IPPC/ISPM 15 Regulations
We have compiled a Website that contains numerous links to a wide variety of subjects related to the IPPC standard for export packaging.  As a valued client of EWPI, you and your staff are welcome to use this Website to find quick answers to your IPPC and other export related questions. Find the Website by clicking here.