We won't waste your time, and  WE DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY!


Methyl Bromide is the ONLY fumigant permitted under the ISPM 15 standard for wood packaging materials used in exporting commodities.

  We are accredited by the ALSC to provide audit inspection services for the Methyl Bromide (MB) IPPC program. Whether you are a registered Fumigator
or you are producing WPM for fumigation and would like to pay less for your monthly audit service, give us a call! 

Toll Free 1.877.400.7750

Do you have a single package needing treatment? Perhaps a load of packaging material destined for export?

Call EWPI to receive an orientation regarding enrolling in the Fumigation program either as a registered Fumigator or a facility having fumigation performed on site (or both!).

See our accreditation listing on the ALSC website- click here