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Our Inspection Program Director has worked for one of the largest inspection agencies (according to their statement) for more than 2 years.  Processing more than 1,000 inspection audit reports submitted from the field on a monthly basis, our chief director has seen many situations that challenged the WPM industry.  With that experience in mind, we at EWPI are keenly aware of the potential problems that could have an impact on your business.  Our goal is to assist you, not simply to "police" your facility with an eye to finding something wrong. You can depend on our service to assist you in your company's requirement to comply to the ISPM 15 standard.  To that end, as a valued client, our information website is available 24/7 for your consultation regarding the many regulations and standards for your export shipping needs.
If you're ready to start using our agency for your IPPC marking needs, then contact us and let's start saving your company money!

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