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Facilities with EWPI

Precision- Without everything in it's place, nothing works, nothing moves.
The IPPC inspection industry, although a small component of export shipping, if not in place, your product doesn't move- we get that.  Below are some of the companies working with us that get that too.
Intermodal Crating (Dallas)
JD Packing (Miami)
JF Specialties
Kaiser & Johnson
• K & G Crating (Houston)
LA Packing
LE Coppersmith
• Liz Cargo Service (Miami)
LR International
• Mana Pallets (El Paso)
Max Logistics
Nevco Scoreboards
NorthWest Pallets
Opa-Locka Pallets (Miami)
Packaging Specialists
PacKing of Dallas
PakSource Inc.
Pilkington Glass
Pima Valve
PMI Oil Tools
• QC Crating (Miami)
• Quick Pack Container (miami)
• Reliant Cargo DGM speclst. (Miami)
Rice Lake Weighing Systems
Royal Master Grinder
San Diego Crating & Packing
Specialized Moving Services-SMS
Tejas Packing & Crating
TLC Packing & Crating, Inc.
Tri-State Crating & Pallet Co (New Jersey)
Van Voorst Lumber
• Vaive Wood Products (Detroit)
• Wightman Lumber (Lumber sales-Miami)
• Willimington Woodworks (Los Angeles)
AAA Packing & Shipping
A & A Pallet
A-1 Custom Crating
Action Wood Technologies
Alternative Custom Crating
American Crating and Packaging, Inc.
Art Handlers, Ltd (Santa Fe, NM)
Art Works of Kansas City
ArtWorks San Diego
Beau's Crates
Beaver Packaging
Breiten Box & Packaging
Caribe Pallets (Puerto Rico)
Cookes Crating
Coomer & Sons Sawmill, Inc. (Indiana)
• Crating Depot (Miami)
Custom Crating & Logistics (Chicago)
Custom Crating of Ohio
DGM Services (Houston based-USA
   franchise network)
Frisco Pallets
FAE Boston
Gander & White
Gateway Crate and Freight (Arizona)
General Packaging Corp
• Grein Valley Pallets (St. Louis)
Hazmat Packing (Houston)
Held & Associates
ITT Flowtronex
• Hugo Bros. Pallet Manf. (Detroit)
International Packing Corp.

Facilities highlighted in blue have links to their websites

Pennsylvania facilities: Our recent efforts in meeting central Pennsylvania's IPPC program subscriber participation is enjoying great success- here's some of our new subscribers that are saving big while receiving the best customer service in the IPPC inspection industry!

Horizon Wood Products, Kersey, Pa.
• Norris Planing, Fairhope, Pa.
• Capway Automation, York, Pa.
• Fochtman Bros., Berlin, Pa.
• G.B. International Packing Serv., 
   Harrisburg, Pa.
• Platt & Son, Bedford, Pa.
• Norris Planing, Fairhope, Pa.
• GEA NA, York, Pa.
• Pyrotek, Inc., Carlisle, Pa.
• Better-Built Wood Prod., Mt Pleasant,    Pa.